At BUILD IT HOME, we strive to offer the best architectural services solutions to our valued clients. We understand that circumstances may arise that require changes to scheduled appointments or services. To ensure a transparent and fair cancellation process, we have developed the following cancellation policy:

Appointment Cancellations:

Clients are requested to provide at least 24 hours' notice for any appointment cancellations or rescheduling.

Failure to provide adequate notice may result in a cancellation fee.

For cancellations made within the specified notice period, no charges will apply.

Project Engagements:

In the event that a client wishes to cancel a project engagement, a written notice must be provided to BUILD IT HOME.

Depending on the stage of the project and any costs incurred by BUILD IT HOME, a cancellation fee may be applicable.

The cancellation fee will be communicated to the client upon receipt of the cancellation request.


Refunds, if applicable, will be processed according to the terms agreed upon in the initial contract or agreement.

Any non-refundable deposits or fees will be clearly outlined in the agreement between BUILD IT HOME and the client.

Force Majeure:

BUILD IT HOME understands that unforeseen circumstances or events beyond anyone's control (e.g., natural disasters, emergencies) may impact scheduled services or appointments.

In such cases, both parties will work together to reschedule or adjust services without any penalty or additional charges.


Clear and prompt communication regarding cancellations or rescheduling is essential. Clients are encouraged to contact BUILD IT HOME as soon as possible in case of any changes.

Policy Review:

BUILD IT HOME reserves the right to review and update this cancellation policy as necessary. Any changes will be communicated to clients in a timely manner.

Please note that this cancellation policy serves as a guideline to ensure transparency and fairness in managing cancellations or changes to our services. Specific details regarding cancellations, fees, and refunds may vary based on the individual contract or agreement between BUILD IT HOME and the client.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our cancellation policy, please feel free to contact us for further clarification on

Thank you for choosing BUILD IT HOME for your architectural service needs.